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Would you like the opportunity to present and get impactful feedback on your business challenges at one of our upcoming sessions? Fill in the form below and we'll slot you in as soon as a space becomes available.

House of Genius is a global monthly program in which we bring together 3 exciting startups with a curated guest list of experts and influencers from a range of different industries an businesses. It is all about brilliant, generous people collaborating to help startups overcome their challenges. It’s not about shouty, competitive pitching or throwing as many business cards around as possible. As a presenter, you’ll receive honest advice from a select but anonymous panel, in a highly collaborative environment. 

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When was the business founded?
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We select participating startups based on them presenting thought-provoking concepts, brainstorming ideas and giving all sorts of feedback on business challenges that'll spark discussion on the night so make yours interesting and focused!
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