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House of Genius is a global program which brings together a small group of wide-ranging minds and 3 business presenters. 

For each session, we assemble a new and engaging collection of individuals from diverse backgrounds and sectors, whose identity remains anonymous – up until the very end. Three entrepreneurs present their business challenges with the objective of receiving a fresh perspective and creative ideas from the attendees. 

The true “genius” is in the collaboration –you’ll be amazed at the power of thinking that is evoked from the structure of the sessions and the synergetic format. It’s not about shouty, competitive pitching or throwing as many business cards around as possible. As a panelist you will get to put forward your opinion and collaborate with others in a close-knit environment.

We run this private event once a month. To request an invite, fill out the form below and a member of our team will be in touch with an invite.